7 Essential photography tips for your wedding timeline.

Your wedding day is one of the most special and memorable days of your life, and it's essential that you capture every single moment. From the intimate and emotional moments of getting ready, to the joyous and celebratory moments at the reception, your wedding photographs will be treasured for a lifetime. To ensure that you get the best possible photos on your big day, we've put together this guide of 7 essential photography tips for couples. These tips will help you to design a photo-friendly timeline, prioritize the most important moments, and make the most of the natural light and locations available to you. So whether you're a soon-to-be bride and groom or just looking for some photography inspiration, read on to learn how to make your wedding photos picture perfect!

1. Personal Touches

One of the most important aspects of capturing the perfect wedding photos is making sure that all of the personal details are in place and ready for the photographer when they arrive. These personal details can include items such as the wedding dress, veil, shoes, jewelry, invitations, and any other special items that are meaningful to the couple. By having these items ready and easily accessible, the photographer will be able to capture these important details in a timely manner, ensuring that they are included in the final set of photos.

wedding rings invitation card details

2. Getting Ready Photos

The getting ready photos are often an overlooked aspect of wedding photography, but they are an important part of the story of the wedding day.

Allowing time for the photographer to capture getting ready shots of the bride and groom, as well as photos of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, is essential for capturing candid and relaxed moments that are intimate and special. These photos will show the emotions and preparations of the couple and their loved ones before the ceremony. It will also help to tell the story of the wedding day by capturing candid moments of laughter, nerves and excitement.

bride mom zipping up wedding dress

3. First Look

Having a "first look" session, where the bride and groom, or the bride and her father, see each other before the ceremony, can be a very intimate and emotional moment. It's a great opportunity for the photographer to capture some beautiful and candid photos of the couple or the bride with her father. This can be a private moment between the couple before the ceremony, allowing them to take in the emotions and the significance of the day.

Additionally, this session can be used to take some of the formal photographs, such as the wedding party and the family photographs, before the ceremony, which can save time later on. This can be especially useful if the couple is planning a tight schedule for the day.

bride groom first look reactio

4. Ceremony preparations

As a couple, it's important to plan and organize the photography aspects of your ceremony. One important aspect is to have a well-organized entrance and processional. This will ensure that the photographer is able to capture all the important moments and participants as they make their way down the aisle.

Additionally, having a proper rehearsal allows the bridal party and all participants to be aware of the photography needs and to familiarize themselves with the layout of the ceremony location. It's also a great opportunity to discuss with the official of the ceremony and wedding planner about any restrictions or rules that might affect the photography.

bride groom ceremony kiss

5. Family Photos

Schedule your family photos immediately after the ceremony to ensure that all your loved ones are captured in your wedding album. Prior to the wedding day, create a list of specific family members and groupings that you would like to be photographed and communicate the details of the photo session to all involved, including the location and time. This will ensure that everyone is prepared and available for the family photos.

bride groom parents family photo session

6. Couple's Portrait Time

After family photos, take a moment to escape the bustle of the day and focus on each other during a romantic portrait session. Allow for at least 30 minutes of private time, where you can cherish each other's company and capture intimate memories that will last a lifetime.

Ideally, plan your ceremony time to before the magical golden hour, where the soft, warm light creates a picturesque and romantic ambiance. This is the perfect opportunity to capture breathtaking, candid photographs of the two of you together.

bride groom sunset close up veil photo session

7. Reception Special Moments

The reception is a time for fun and celebration for you, your guests, and family. To ensure that all the most important and memorable moments are captured in photography, it's recommended to schedule these moments as early as possible. This includes the entrance of the couple, special dances, speeches, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss, and other significant moments. By scheduling these important moments early, you and your guests can relax and fully enjoy the party while ensuring that these memories are captured forever. Remember, it's also important to remind key individuals to consume alcohol in moderation to avoid affecting their appearance and behavior in the photos, ensuring that the memories captured in the photos are the best they can be.

bride groom cutting cowboy texas themed groom cake
bride groom wedding party staged sparkler send of

Bonus tip

If you're planning to party all night, consider having the photographer capture a stage send off earlier in the evening. This can be a fun and emotional moment that will add to the story of your wedding day. By scheduling this moment early in the night, you'll have the opportunity to capture these special memories before the party gets too wild, and you and your guests can continue to celebrate without worrying about missing any important moments. This way, you'll have a complete photographic story to look back on for years to come.

Let's make your wedding easy to enjoy and hard to forget.

In conclusion, these essential photography tips will help to ensure that your special day is captured in the best possible way. From gathering all of your personal details and having them ready for the photographer, to scheduling time for getting ready shots, a first look, the ceremony, family and portrait photos, reception highlights, and even reminding key individuals to consume alcohol in moderation, these tips will help to ensure that your wedding photography is a beautiful and lasting memory.

With these tips in mind, you can relax and enjoy your special day, knowing that your memories will be captured forever.